Shoretrooper Helmet (Only Sanded and Primed)

IMG_7813 (1).JPG
IMG_7813 (1).JPG

Shoretrooper Helmet (Only Sanded and Primed)

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As seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this helmet is a nearly screen accurate replica of a imperial shoretrooper.

- The helmet will only be sanded and primed upon arrival. Visor, padding, and fiberglass reinforcement will not be included.

- The helmet will be printed at 75% density with triangular infill unless instructed otherwise.

* Current build of the helmet does not represent the most up to date model.

* We will need 2 weeks to print, smooth, and paint the model.

* Helmets will be completed based on position in line.

* Orders placed outside the U.S. may require extra shipping outside of the initial flat rate.

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