Our business was created as a result of high demand in the field of rapid prototyping. We have created parts ranging from low-pressure pipe fittings, all the way to a full set of Shoretrooper armor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Our Mission

As with most rapid-prototyping companies, our largest focus is based around quality and speed. With that in mind, we found that the best way to achieve our goal, was through design and development of a custom FDM printer and CNC mill. A custom design granted us the ability to create on levels unavailable to the majority of competitors in the market.

As a newer start-up to the industry; we believe that our stance on creating the same product at a lower price will not only pave our way as a successful business, but also create good relations along the way.

What We've Achieved

  • Hundreds of successful 3D prints across varying filaments.
  • Years of experience with modelling and fabrication.
  • Creation of a 11,000 cu. in. build volume quad-extrusion 3D printer.
  • Fulfillment of large-scale (100+) item orders.